A Co-working & makerspace in the heart of Ramallah sound as a perfect place to meetup other entrepreneurs in a creative business environment.

uMake is a Co-Working and Makers community that started in Downtown Ramallah by Daoud Gannam. Here you can chose to become a lodger per hour/day or monthly plans. You can even attend one of their session around startups and tech. uMake will expand to other cities.

PBN and uMake has come to an agreement that benefits both members base where the they are offered discounted price from the services that both organizations offers.

For all international PBN members you will have the oppertunity to a work space at uMake for free in 4 days. Then the offer is transformed like for all PBN members with valuable discount on the price plan.

If you are a tenant at uMake that entitles you to do a discount on a full PBN Business Membership. For more information please contact the Ramallan ambassadors or uMake.

PBN´s Pierre Awlani and uMAKE´s, Daoud Ghannam are both on the same page that partnership us the way to create added values for their members.
uMAKE tenants get the advantage of an international network which are included in their uMAKE plans. The included PBN Community membership give a much greater value than the  normal annual members fee of 180€ .
In return PBN Members living outside Ramallah are offered day pass during their stay to get the advantage of a working desk and the rest of the accommodation uMAKE offers.

In this way the partners lean the way for a growing network instead of building walls. That´s what friends are for!

To Learn more please contact Daoud Ghannam at uMakers or Pierre Alwani at PBN.

Information about uMAKE

FACEBOOK PAGE | WEB PAGE |+970 2297 2639