Playing a role helping unemployed in Sweden


We all know that network plays an important part when searching for employment or a new position. We also know that contacts with connections in a company can reveal the unlisted opportunities. 
A Business network is truly the key to starting the large-scale transition.

PBN has since its beginning had a firm statement regarding unemployment within the Palestinian community. Unemployment is the root of inequality and flawed integrational adaptation in society. In its mission statement, you can find it underlaying within the sentence ” to strengthen the Palestinian identity in the society “. We all know that to be able to stand firm on the ground you need to have economical stability. Employment is the most common way to achieve that without taking any large risks. 

Therefore, PBN has taken further steps to ensure that the mission is followed and reached. This project is a cooperation with recruitment firms and the official Swedish unemployment office. The first target is the long-term unemployed and those with language barriers. Read more about MATCHA

Givers gain and pass it forward mentality

Everyone needs to take action. the more helping hands the faster we will reach the target. Particularly, after the pandemic the collective effort is needed to overbridge the thresholds.
So the platform is seeking mentors, employers trainers, and many more talents that can help future talents.