Most common Quotes


Since the start 2016 in Gothenburg Sweden, we have been meeting Palestinians around the world upon our events conferances and meetups. Even when we spontaniously find out that the coffe shop owner, passager beside us or the dentist is a palestinian.

What amazed us the similarities between us, even if we have been living in the diaspora in generations or just arrived to one of many countries you find Palestinians.

Of course, the food language and other cultural touch points are among those things that brings us together. Then we have the issue, that main thing that makes us proud identifying is as Palestinians.

We have also noticed that the younger generation tend to have a strong heart beat and love to Palestine, even if they never been their. Normally is the grandparent’s stories on when and how they ended up in the new world. But, social media has also played a strong role in passing the issue to the new forefront generation that tend to engage them selfs as they where longing in the 1970-ties.

When our parents grew up in Libanon, Syria, Europe and other countries cross the globe the normally was attending demos, music festivals and of course the movement. And up till now the movement has been quite turbulent and what was then is not working today.

That’s why many of the former organizations has difficulties to address the younger generation of kids and grandkids and attract them to participate and engage themselves in the organization’s activities. They are weakening and almost desolved to the extinct.

Instead, starting with the millinials, they are more upfront carrying their identity through music, design, carrier success and all through influencers like the Hadid’s and even the unthinkable before with the case of Mia Khalifa. We could say it is a new era a new type of movement that has never been stronger.

Still, the same reaction and concerns are there. And the similarity is astonishing and we heard the se quotes over and over again.

The most common quotes we hear while meeting Palestinians is:

-“why can’t we do something jointly?”
-“we could all pay a small sum to create huge impact!”
-“why is everyone doing the same thing on their own?”

Well not anymore!

During the last 7 years PBN has been testing and learning. It has been taking time to understand the HOW to be able to succeed with our mission. It has been a long journey with frustration when beeign the only one in a meetup even if 25 have registered to participate. And you came from abroad. It has also been filled by joy and happiness when we hear that someone got hired, other became partners or being invited to a wedding between two members. Today we know that it works. We bring people together!

This is our third major update of our membership platform. We wanted to attract all Palestinians and non-Palestinians. Giving our members added value they can now contribute to our digital magazine posting about their news, offers and events. The follower readers get to see another side of the story. A side that has not been told to the public aggregated in a format around personal development, entrepreneurship and role models within the business environment.

PBN continues to broadening the network toward their goal to have Physical chapters in every European capital by 2025 organizing meetups, semenars and other events empowering Palestinians and strengthening the identity in their living society.

As follower you will be able to read and share success stories. As member joy can interact with other members and share your success stories. If you become a partner your clients become members and if you are a change maker organization then we are open to collaborate to make positive impact.

We all pay a small sum to keep the train going and expanding our activities toward an international network.