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First impressions last. Sometimes forever. Many years ago, we submitted a proposal to a local venture capital firm that invests in innovative companies founded by Palestinian entrepreneurs. Our proposal was weak and our presentation was horrible. Since then, we have tried several times to engage with this firm, but it seems that its negative impression of TWiP is permanent. Reading TWiP sometime in the early nineties (shortly after our inception), someone commented that we use 3rd grade English! I doubt that this person has ever read it since. Oh well, you win some, you lose some; but I assure you, we always aspire to improve. These two incidents are etched in my mind, but we have certainly come a long way since then. 

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    Turbo Computers & Software Co. Ltd. ̶ publisher of This Week in Palestine ̶ started in September 1985 as a software house. In 1986 we developed a full-fledged multi-lingual word processor/typesetter around the (then) new laser printers. We were not satisfied with what was available on the market as far as word processors, so we simply built one of our own. It took us almost a whole year to produce a decent word processor for which we also built a set of fonts in Arabic; dot by dot. The package was a brilliant and an affordable solution for those who needed to typeset text in Arabic. Printers were particularly pleased with the product after realizing that they could use it to typeset books. Seeing its business potential, we started to use TurboSet, as we called the product, ourselves and began to offer layout services, which in turn introduced us to the design world.