Blinken tries to convince the Arab leaders


U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has been intensely contacting officials, intelligence leaders, and Arab leaders over the past hours in a strenuous attempt to convince them to host the inhabitants of Gaza before the lurking Israeli army erases it from the face of the earth (in Blinken’s own words).

The details of the American plan involve relocating one million citizens from the Gaza Strip to Egypt and distributing the remaining inhabitants between Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia will settle half a million Palestinians, while the other countries will take care of the remainder. So far, the American proposal has been rejected by all countries, including Qatar, whose officials have offered to host a maximum of 500 Palestinians.

Blinken threatened that, if the Arab resistance continues and his plan is rejected, he would hold the Arab leaders accountable for the anticipated human losses among the Palestinians if Israel demolishes the buildings in Gaza on top of its residents. This might lead to an outbreak of a full-scale war in the region.

Israel refuses even to discuss any other proposal other than completely evacuating Gaza from its inhabitants and is either waiting for Blinken to persuade the Arab leaders with his plan or to initiate a comprehensive military operation that would literally flatten Gaza.

Reports circulating within the Israeli intelligence agencies suggest giving the Arab leaders until next Saturday to respond to the Israeli proposal. If the rejection continues, Israel is expected to commence its military operations on Sunday.

It’s also being discussed within the corridors of the Israeli intelligence agencies that the Israeli hostages currently held by Hamas might be considered actual casualties.

Accordning to MDEast News