The United Kingdom government has provided unwavering support to the state of Israel. This stance was reiterated by the Prime Minister just yesterday. I question whether they grasp the nuances and implications of international law on this matter. If one encourages a party to commit a war crime, that party becomes complicit in the crime.

The current events in Gaza can be categorized as war crimes due to their disproportionate nature. There’s a lack of distinction when it comes to the targets being attacked. The tragic result? A significant number of children have lost their lives. Recent concerns raised by the World Health Organization highlight the impact of these actions on hospitals.

It’s imperative to understand that the forced transfer of 1.2 million people is a flagrant violation of war laws. Such actions are strictly prohibited. Similarly, the collective punishment of the people of Gaza—subjecting them to a siege and depriving them of essentials like food, water, and electricity—is an equally grave offense under international law.


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