Write your name on the palm of your hand


In Gaza, people are writing their names in the palms of their hands, hoping to be identified if they do not survive the bombings. Over 1 million. children live with the fear of being killed, fear of starvation and they are currently being denied access to medical care. 2700 have already lost their lives.

Over 50 families have been completly wiped out of the civil registration, the Palestinian authorities say! Thousands of names are now reduced to memories. They must not be forgotten. They must not become invisible numbers in heartbreaking statistics.

We have no desire to lecture you on Gaza, and the children who have already paid the price. If you lack the knowledge about the history and the current situation, it is available.

Nor do we have a need to point out the many war crimes committed against civilians. Ignorance is no longer a valid excuse for silence. What we do have, is an an urgent need to remember the civilian women, men and children who are currently trapped in an inhumane situation.

Write your name in the palm of your hand and let’s remember the victims of #Gaza together. Please copy the text and spread the word. ❤️🕯️.”

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