Break The Sieage


Israel is using starvation as a weapon against Palestinians in Gaza, a severe violation under International Humanitarian Law. Since Israel imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip in 2007, it has controlled what goes in and out, including food.

From October 9-25, only 30 trucks of food were allowed to enter Gaza from Egypt (at the risk of getting bombed by Israel), just 2% of the typical amount, which was already insufficient.
There was a 63% rate of food insecurity in Gaza prior to October 2023. Damaged roads make it very difficult for the food to reach people even after it enters. On top of that, some of the food that’s been allowed is of no use, since there’s no access to clean water, fuel, or power to cook or store food.

The denial of food is a denial of life–a genocidal act.

We must call for breaking the siege on Gaza, demand a ceasefire, and the restoration of food, water, fuel, medicine, communication, and electricity.

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