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We are currently witnessing all the forces of empire mobilize against the Palestinian people, and our steadfast struggle for freedom. The genocide in the Gaza Strip is a continuation of a concerted campaign the Zionist settler colonial regime has been waging against Palestinian bodies, land, and culture for nearly a century. In just the first six days of this assault, Israeli Occupation Forces dropped more than 6,000 bombs on Palestinians in Gaza–amounting in strength to one quarter of a nuclear bomb.

The relentless aerial bombardment has targeted all life, killing more than 7,000 Palestinians, including close to 3,000 children.
As of October 27th, more than 22,000 Palestinians have sustained life-threatening injuries. Palestinian hospitals are facing dire shortages in medical supplies, bed-space, personnel, and fuel, and a shortage in body bags only deepens the grief and torment of families who are being deprived of the solace and space to bury their loved ones in peace. Thousands of Palestinians remain trapped under the rubble of destroyed buildings, and at least 47 families have literally been erased from Gaza’s civilregistry.

These airstrikes deliberately target vital infrastructure and safe spaces, including churches, mosques, United Nations shelters, universities, schools,residential towers, hospitals, ambulances, farmlands, grocers, and essential water, sewage, and electrical systems. On October 17, the Israeliregime launched an airstrike on the Al Ahli Baptist Hospital, killing over 500 Palestinians who were receiving life-saving treatment among countless others who were seeking refuge. Meanwhile, Israeli Occupation Forces continue to threaten Gaza’s remaining hospitals, where thousands more seek lifesustaining medical attention and shelter.

With a greenlight from its international allies, the Israeli regime has been blockading the passage of life-sustaining food, water, fuel, and medical supplies into Gaza’s Rafah border crossing with Egypt, further intensifying its 17-year siege. Since October 7th, more than half of all Palestinian homes have been destroyed and more than 1.4 million Palestinians have been displaced. For some, this exodus marks the sixth forced displacement in seventeen years and the ninth since the 1948 Nakba.

Thegenocide in Gaza is unfoldingalongside unrelentingcolonial violence andrepression in the
occupiedWestBank, Jerusalem, andin “heartlandPalestine”- lands occupiedin 1948. In the lasttwo weeks, nearly 500Palestinians fromGaza withpermits to work inside heartlandPalestine hadtheir permits revokedand were roundedupandarebeingdetainedin amilitarydetention facility in Jericho.

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