Students Ask: How can we trust history, if the present is being distorted!


 Students ask: How can we trust history books and previous narratives when we see the present being distorted, falsified, and narrative altered?
As Educators! We are deeply committed to instilling in our students the ethics of scientific research, the importance of meticulous research, referencing and documentation, transparent and honest handling of information. Researchers, scholars, and students have dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to writing and learning the principles and methodologies of scientific research. But allow me to pose these questions:
1- Is the ethical approach to scientific research, inquiry, and honest information dissemination confined to academic research only in our life?
2- Do world educators commit to the ethics of scientific research when forming their perspectives and biases on just humanitarian issues?
3- Why are facts distorted and altered, despite events happening live with high-quality imagery and precise documentation, on the live broadcast from individuals witnessing the terrible events and the massacres taking place.
4- How can you adopt a position or form a conviction about something you don’t truly know its reality, roots, or history?
It deeply troubles the youth who follow various social media channels and have friends from all around the world when they witness those who are tasked with educating them not committed to principles of transparency, honesty, accuracy, research, and documentation in their own lives.

The world’s youth are disappointed and shocked as they see educators and teachers publishing their biased opinions everywhere blindly in favor of the great powers (financially and economically, no more). With their support, they ignore 75 years of history, including the Balfour Declaration in which Britain gave a national homeland to the Jews in Palestine. They ignore all the historians, scholars, writers, and journalists who documented and conveyed what happened in Palestine: ethnic cleansing and genocide against thousands of innocent people to establish their state after the tragic and sorrowful genocide they endured in Europe. They deal with events only from the date of October 7, 2023.

How do we justify it when they believe that child and human rights conventions can be suspended or activated based on the individuals we interact with?
Palestinian students see that If you were well-informed about there issues since the Israeli occupation begun, you wouldn’t have woken up, felt sorrow, and adopted a stance only on October 7, 2023! Or do you perhaps consider the Palestinian people as not deserving of life or maybe their skin color differs from yours? Or maybe you regard them as part of the third world! I honestly don’t know!”
How we can convince the Palestinian children, youth and there friends from all over the world, especially (Generation Z, and Alpha), who will build and lead the future, that there is justice, equality, and humanity in the world!

This is a sincere call, a call from the world’s children and youth and from an educator who loves life, respects differences, accepts everyone, and dreams of helping all the children in the world to receive equal education and lead a safe life. To address the root of the problem, you should investigate the history. You can’t search using the term ‘Israeli-Palestinian conflict’ because it’s not a conflict; it’s an occupation.

At the end: let the future generations be proud of you! Let our students create a just and inclusive future for everyone, filled with values, principles, peace, love, and freedom.

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